Fathers and Sons


Organic Russia is closely connected to this pioneer program, and has taken part in the development for the last two years. The farming project works after the EU-standards and is certificated by ABcert

The farming project covers 2000 HA, and this year 400 HA fallow land was successfully converted into organic farmland.

Conversion of fallow land into fertile farmland is one of the challenges Russia has in these years. This project has made it possible to test new methods, and gained experience valuable for the future development of organic farming in Russia. The pictures on this page are all from this project.

Sven Hermansen

Sven Hermansen, Organic Russia

Sven Hermansen has worked within this field since 1984. He has been one of key persons in developing organic advisory in Denmark, and has also a broad international experience. He has been working as adviser on projects in Russia during the last two years.

In Denmark he holds a position as Senior Advisor and Team Leader, Organic Farming at Seges

The Zhurovs Landscape Bureau


The Zhurovs Landscape Bureau has a long experience within landscaping in Russia. They can work with both small and large projects.  We appreciate very much the professional attitude, and the big knowledge they have about Russian nature. For more information have a look at their Homepage. (It is in Russian)