It all starts with understanding why and how

 For the Farmer

If your project is in the primary agricultural sector and you need specific knowledge about organic farming, we will provide it. We can help you in all corners of organic farming. The language will be English and translated if desired.


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For the Consumer

  • What is the main difference between organic and conventional food?
  • Is organic food healthier?
  • What is GMO? And is it really a problem?
  • How is animal welfare for organic animals?
  • Is it better for the environment?
  • Can I trust the certification?

You can have one or more organic lectures tailored to your needs. The lecture will be in English and translated into Russian if needed.


Helena Drewes Bollesen have held public as well as private lectures in Kaluga, Ulyanovsk, Voronish, Sct. Petersburg and Moscow

Tell us what you need, we will be happy to help. Contact