Picture from the project in Kaluga

Make your own organic pantry

If you want to be sure that your food is organic you have to make it yourself.

We can help you to set up a small organic farm. Everything will be tailor-made for the specific project, but it will always include:

  • A minimum 6 years crop rotation plan
  • Education of staff
  • A logbook tailor-made for the project

If wanted it can include:

  • Project planning
  • Suggestions for crops
  • Buying seeds and plants
  • Soil analyses

We can make SmartFarms from 0.5 – 10 Ha. The expertise comes from Denmark where we have a long tradition of making organic food in small scale. All the practical work and staff training will be done by our partners from The Zhurovs Landscape Bureau. Organic Russia and The Zhurovs Landscape Bureau work very close together and all details will be optimized so they live up to international organic standards in a way that is practical in Russia today. You can find information about them here.  It is in Russian

SmartFarm of 1/2 hectar

plan of a smartFarm

Blueprint made in close corporation with the customer

We can transform your fallow land into a fertile organic garden

Year 1 spring

Smartfarm 13




Spring year 2



Autum year 2



Here tagetes hepls to protect cabbage agenst caterpillars

We will advice about all kind of solutions that helps your plants to become healthy. From how to make the compost, the crop rotation, till advises about which plants that can protect against vermin’s.



A traditional Russian cellar is the most sustainable way of keeping your vegetables fresh though the winter. This belongs also to the 1/2 ha

фото 5

And here is the herbal garden that will give the owner fresh organic herbs the next many years to come.