For you who need organic advisory

We can do:

  • Conversion of conventional farms
  • Starting up organic fields from fallow land
  • Small scale farms. SmartFarm
  • General counselling and education about organic farming.

For conversion of conventional farms and start-up from fallow land, Organic Russia works with some of the most experienced organic advisers in this field, and we can help you in almost all aspects of organic farming.

Organic Russia works as a minimum within the frames of the EU-regulations of organic farming.

You can download more information about the EU-regulations here 


Send us a mail with your ideas and let us have a unbinding first talk.

Making organic grass fields from fallow land in Kaluga:

Remowing trees and shrubbery


A He-va specially imported are used to even the land 


The fields are suitable for sowing

Organic advisory in Russia

Today you can see a organic certified grass field